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Ronald Bourret

Consulting, writing, and research in XML and databases

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Ronald Bourret is a software consultant and writer, best known for his work on how XML and databases work together. He has consulted for a variety of clients, from Fortune 100 companies to small software firms to non-profits, and is a member of the XML Guild, a group of well-known XML consultants.

Ronald's writing includes XML and Databases, often considered the standard introduction to the subject, the XML Namespaces FAQ, and Going native: Use cases for native XML databases. He is a coauthor of XML for DB2 Information Integration, which discusses XML support in IBM DB2, and Advanced XML Applications, a collection of expert advice. Other work includes technical descriptions of more than 180 XML / database products and more than 40 XML data binding products.

Ronald has taught courses and given presentations on various aspects of XML at commercial and academic conferences, user's groups, corporations, and the UC Berkeley School of Information.

Ronald's software development work includes XML-DBMS, a set of Java packages for transferring data between XML documents and relational databases; a Java-based XML DTD Parser; Silent Auctioneer, an application for running silent auctions; and new features in the RTIViewer from Cultural Heritage Imaging.

Prior to his current work, Ronald did academic research in the field of XML and databases at the Technical University of Darmstadt and was the lead technical writer for Microsoft's ODBC and OLE DB specifications. He has also written business, graphics, statistics, and scheduling software for a variety of companies.

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